Erin Burnett Bio

Erin Burnett quits CNBC and joins CNN - Erin Burnett OutFront premiered 10/03/12 @ 7pm ET       

Erin Isabella Burnett, born 7/2/1976 in Mardela Springs, Maryland, lived on a farm & attended elementary school at a school her parents actually founded.  Erin attended the highly competitive (and expensive) boarding high school St. Andrew's School in Delaware (class of 1994).  Very active at the high school, Erin played lacrosse, squash & field hockey. She also did some community service through the school being part of their Tutoring program. You can find Erin all over her complete 1994 Yearbook, fans will definitely want to check it out (see Erin Burnett Yearbook Pics). Excelling in sports & academics, Erin went on to play lacrosse & field hockey at the collegiate level while attending Williams College in Williamstown, MA. 

After graduating from Williams College with a B.A. in Political Economy, Erin was hired by the bank holding company, Goldman Sachs.  As Erin concentrated on mergers and acquisitions at Goldman, CNN picked her up after Erin wrote self-described “stalker letter” to CNN's Willow Bay.  Not much time passed before Erin was no longer working behind-the-scenes for CNN's Moneyline (starring Lou Dobbs), she was hired by Citigroup to be vice president of Citigroup/CitiMedia.  This position allowed Erin to show off her online on-air chops while anchoring Citigroup's financial news network.  2003 brought a big move for Erin as she took on cable TV for the first time as anchor of Bloomberg on the Markets & In Focus for Bloomberg Television.   Erin Burnett impressed everyone with her expert covering of the stock market and sharp interviewing skills.  Erin also received voice coaching during her time @ Bloomberg TV to hone her media presence.

            Erin's work at Bloomberg Television was just what the big dog, CNBC, needed to see as they soon snatched Erin up and brought her into their elite group of on-air money-talkers in December of 2005.  Erin has been given the nickname Maria 2.0 by some, referring to Erin being a new & improved Maria “Money Honey” Bartiromo.  Erin is now the former host of the popular Street Signs program and co-anchored Squawk on the Street.  You'll also see Erin on The Today Show, Meet the Press, NBC Nightly News, Morning Joe & Hardball.  She also has appeared in the boardroom alongside Donald Trump in The Celebrity ApprenticeCNBC's ratings, for shows that Erin appears on, have sky-rocketed over the years.  This has made Erin in high-demand for guest appearances.

Beginning October 3rd, 2011 Erin will be hosting CNN's Erin Burnett OutFront.

Erin gave the commencement speech at her old high school, St. Andrew's School, on 5/24/2009. 

Erin wrote her senior year thesis on the monitoring of comparative labor standards.

Named “Most Likely To Host a Talk Show” by the class of '94 @ St. Andrew's School.