Erin Burnett Pregnant

Erin Burnett is expecting! Follow this page for up any updates on the pregnancy.       

The famous CNN outfront anchor Erin Burnett is pregnant with her very first child sources cited just recently. The baby is being expected to arrive around November of this year, but a final date has yet to have been given. Her husband David Rubulotta is a professional managing director at the Citigroup, and they have both have remains positive and strong about the entire pregnancy. Both are obviously very excited sources say, but they both are being watched by the media, they are trying to stay hidden and quiet.

Just recently when people did not know she was pregnant yet, she was spotted wearing loose fitting clothing, which prompted people to believe she was pregnant. The right sources ended up explaining that she was pregnant and was trying to hide most of the small baby bump which is only going to get bigger with time. Erin and her husband have only been married for less than six months. They got engaged last year, and they surely have been looking like a happy couple. Her hard work of being out in the field has proven that they are a strong couple willing to separate at times because of her rigorous job. For the record, she has been the anchor in places like Pakistan and a variety of Asian countries, so they have a very strong marriage considering the hard work they are both committed to. She was recently just in Tehran.Erin Burnett on MSNBC laughing, smiling

Erin has been in the business for years, and she has been working for CNN for quite some time now. She told People Magazine that she is thrilled and excitedly happy. She explained that the baby will be coming out around before their first wedding anniversary, so it is going to be a thrill for them to experience their first anniversary with their cute little baby girl or boy, whichever one is fine for them. They clearly have not exclaimed what the gender is as of today, but neither of them has said anything regarding favoritism towards the baby and what it can possibly be.

Many people today do not know about her past and how she once had nearly the same profession as her husband. She was once an investment banker before she ever decided she would be interested in broadcasting and anchoring for CNN. She is a traveling anchor, so she makes her way out of the United States pretty often. Little is known regarding her working conditions considering she is now pregnant.

They both have become very successful in their professional fields and careers, and they both are excited about their baby. Who wouldn't, right? Erin and David are two very hardworking individuals who are ready for their new life-changing addition. Let's just hope Erin takes some time off, she is quite the workaholic. We wish her all the best and await any updates on this soon-to-be beautiful newborn.